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Liangyun & Liaonanfu Rice Noodle Oil

The "Liangyun" and "Liaonanfu" grain and oil series products are the self owned finished grain and oil brands of Liangyun Group. Their products include wheat flour, wheat core flour, dumpling flour, snowflake flour, special refined flour, long grain rice aroma, long grain rice aroma, soybean oil, corn oil, and high-quality miscellaneous grains. The raw materials are sourced from high-quality production bases such as Russia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, etc. The production process is advanced, and the products are green, healthy, and additive free. Among them, "Liaonanfu" flour won the gold medal product at the 11th China International Grain and Oil Products and Equipment Technology Exhibition in 2011. The "Liaonan Fu" and "Liangyun" series of products have been repeatedly rated as reassuring food for the people of Dalian, and have a high market influence and reputation in the Liaonan region.

Guoyun No.1 Apartment

Guoyun No.1 Apartment is located at the intersection of Lianhe Road and Anshan Road in Shahekou District, Dalian City. The building has a total height of 146 meters and a total of 40 floors. The 3-22 floors are the hardcover apartment floors, with a single household area range of 37-161 square meters for Guoyun No.1 Apartment, with 30 households on each floor. The apartment faces south with a panoramic view of Zhongshan Park and the Star Bay Bridge, while facing north with a panoramic view of the residential garden. The bustling scenery of the Xi'an Road commercial district on the west side of the project can be fully appreciated. The floor height of the apartment product is 3.3 meters. The project has two underground parking lots, with nearly 900 parking spaces to meet the daily parking needs of the owner.

Liangyun Hotel

The first floor of Liangyun Hotel serves as a customer reception area and a tea and coffee bar, which can meet guests' daily inquiries, check-in procedures, and leisure negotiations. The second to fourth floors are catering areas, including Chinese and Western style dining, self-service breakfast, private table meals, large-scale banquets, and other services. The fifth floor is a multifunctional conference hall that can accommodate various business meetings, banquets, wedding banquets, etc. The 10th to 25th floors are the guest room area, and the 26th floor is the leisure center. The underground floor is a sauna and bath center. In addition, the hotel also offers services such as Liangwei Liangpin Zhenxuan Chef Delivery Store, business flight booking, laundry, etc.

Chuanqi Hot Spring Hotel

The hotel covers a total area of 60000 square meters, with a building area of 11000 square meters. It consists of 33 villas and 1 central guild hall. The exterior of the villa adopts a design reminiscent of Huizhou style architecture, and the interior decoration is integrated with Bali style. The large living room, elevated shelves, and diamond roof are all included. Each villa is equipped with an indoor and outdoor hot spring pool, outdoor swimming pool, SPA room, dining bar, private garage, etc. Exclusive, simple, grand, and luxurious. The hotel's clubhouse is fully functional, with unique advantages in Chinese restaurants, featuring wild and green ingredients to create healthy cuisine. It also has supporting facilities such as coffee shops, red wine and cigar bars, VIP rooms, spa centers, meeting rooms, simulated golf driving ranges, table tennis halls, billiards halls, squash halls, and independent audio and video playback rooms to meet your different needs.

Jantown Heyuan

Mountain,Water,Hot spring,good villa, and the 85-130 square meter Jantown Heyuan real scene model area are stunning and open. Chinese style architecture, beautiful gardens, exquisite courtyard villas, white walls and Dai tiles, and private Chinese style living. In the front courtyard and backyard, the house is designed to accommodate the heart, while the courtyard is designed to convey emotions. Each household has a pool, nourishing and nurturing the leisurely time. A courtyard can accommodate heaven and earth, a spring can nourish the body and mind, inherit the essence of Anhui style, and carve Jiangnan courtyards. Two decoration styles are available: Romantic Southeast Asia and minimalist New Chinese style, meeting the aesthetic realm of vacation life. Tailored exclusive vacation products: customized housing location, customized local household renovation, customized decoration plans, customized soft furnishings... "Full time, zero interference" butler style family service, a bowl of soup distance, one-stop solution to vacation life problems. Chuanqi Club, owner's restaurant, Happy Farm, holiday swimming pool, homestay trusteeship... create a more comfortable and pleasant living environment among the green mountains and waters.

Detachment Jantown Homestay

Detachment Jantown closely combines the plot of mountain and wild courtyards, the concept of organic growth, and hot spring health care, launching various types and styles of characteristic homestay products, including Tangxi accommodation, Chuanqi accommodation, western-style homestay, and Heyuan homestay, and forms a pure, private, and vibrant slow living physical and mental nurturing place with multi-dimensional vacation facilities. The first phase home stay product "Tangxisu" Tangxisu is located on the west side of Detachment Jantown. The house types are double, three and five bedrooms. It has Asian pastoral style, single family buildings, large terraces, private courtyards, and all households are open-air bathing pool.

Beijing International Youth Cavalier Academy

Beijing International Youth Knights' Academy is the flagship store of IPONY Knights' Academy for Youth Equestrian Education, built by Liangyun Group in 2015. It is located near Yizhuang Bridge in Chaoyang District, Beijing and is the earliest club in mainland China to introduce the French equestrian GALOP education system. The club has a comprehensive club that integrates teaching, leisure, catering, and entertainment, three outdoor training fields, and one indoor training field. The teaching horses can meet the needs of various age groups, teenagers, and adults in equestrian teaching.

Liangyun IPONY Club

Dalian Liangyun IPONY Club was established in 2012. It is an early flagship store of IPONY Knights' Academy dedicated to youth equestrian education created by Liangyun Group. It is located on the picturesque Binhai East Road in Dalian, and is one of the earliest clubs in mainland China to introduce the French equestrian GALOP education system. It is a leading brand of youth equestrian education in the Dalian region. The club has two standard outdoor training fields and one indoor training field, and teaching horses can meet the needs of various age groups of young and adult equestrian teaching. It has held multiple national youth equestrian competitions and local equestrian grading tests.